Adult Area

The Adult Area includes the following water slides and attractions:

This fully enclosed water slide is based and constructed in accordance with the free falling principle. After speeding up in an enclosed tube-like water slide, you fall inside a huge open air spherical ball, inside which you keep on whirling along its wall at a very high speed. After you slow down, you fall into the swimming pool below the open air spherical ball. The Tornado is a unique water attraction – extreme and exotic – it will make you want more and more of it!

The Spiral is an open air spiral-like water slide. The multitude of dangerous curves will make every adrenaline fan scream for more!

Raft slide
The Raft Slide is an open air, straight and wide water slide. You must use a ring in order to race down the Raft Slide. In order to maximize the excitement and adrenaline levels, you may use the double rings and raft down together with your beloved one or with your best friends!

The Kamikaze is the fastest, the most dangerous and extreme water slide in the whole Aqua Park! It is the absolute favourite of all adrenaline loving fans! You speed up to 60 km/h from more than 7 m hight – you feel like screaming – please do!

Lazy river
Everyone needs some peace and relax after the adrenaline rush! Slowly float along the Lazy River, which meanders around the whole Aqua Park, for about 140 m, and fully enjoy total relaxation, freshness, fun and joyful laughter!